Attention Future Dorm Dwellers:

If you’re starting college this fall, chances are you’ll have an R.A., maybe you’ll even become an R.A. I was an R.A. for two years and I loved it. What’s an R.A. you ask?

Res·i·dent As·sis·tant noun: Someone who unlocks your room when you lock yourself out…again, chases after gorilla suit-dressed boys who throw water balloons at you (true story) and sneaks you onto the roof with her master key to watch a meteor shower (did I do that?). They can help you learn how to balance your time between studying and partying (I was real good at that), they will listen to you complain for hours and hours about how your roommate doesn’t respect your time, and some will even make you a lunch, pick out your outfit, put your backpack on you and walk you to your first class. In short, an R.A. is someone who puts up with a lot so you’d better love them.

If any of that sounded appealing (I don’t know why it wouldn’t), you should apply at your university’s housing office. It will save you money on rent and with responsibilities like conducting weekly staff meetings, supervising safety inspections and coordinating training sessions, the position of R.A. looks good on a resume. Stressed out about being an R.A.? Make sure to check out for resources like ice-breaker ideas, Ask the Experts advice columns and suggested team-building activities.

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