I Wish I Knew is a series of personal essays written by the courageous young female ambassadors of UChic. Learn how to survive and thrive during your Freshman Year from girls who have been through it. This week we are featuring UChic blogger and ambassador Ana Berkovich. Berkovich is a student at Missouri State University.

Studying abroad is often said to be one of the most rewarding experiences of a person’s lifetime. You get to see incredible places, meet extraordinary people, and experience what it’s like to live in another country. It’s a great way to learn more about a country, gain global perspective, and learn another language. Travel can

Ah, the writing life, such a wonderfully rewarding and incredibly frustrating creative endeavor. Writing is one of the most fulfilling activities and it seems like everyone wants to take advantage of it. But that certainly shouldn’t stop you from jumping in! Whether you want to write non-fiction, fiction, poetry, blog, write humor, review books, or

We’ve all been there—it’s only a few days until Christmas, and suddenly you remember that you haven’t bought your cousin’s brother’s sister’s aunt’s gift yet. Or, you know, your sister’s. Either way, you’re panic stricken, at a loss for what you could possibly throw together now. It’s a common problem during the holidays. Most of

Ah Black Friday that holiday tradition. Sure, the turkey is nice and family is great, but I love shopping! Black Friday is starting earlier and earlier it seems, with many stores opening well before midnight now. With the rise of the Internet, many stores are releasing their ads online earlier, so us crazy shoppers can

High school is so dramatic. But college isn’t, right?  Wrong. Drama can be found anywhere, from high school to college to the workplace and even family life. Drama is a really unfortunate part of life, but fear not, for it can be avoided. Follow along for some tips to avoid drama, college edition.  Avoid it

The dining hall on any college campus is a beautiful thing. Anything you can imagine with dessert? Sign me up! But, with all those options and all those potential meals, the calories can really start to add up. It’s no wonder how so many students gain the freshman 15. The dining hall doesn’t have to be

It’s back-to-school time! The best time of the year! Okay, maybe not really, but school starting means we are only a couple months away from autumn and that really is the best time of the year. I, for one, cannot wait until I can wear scarves and boots again. I’m sure you have seen plenty

“There’s a hundred and four days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it but then annual problem of our generation is finding a good way to spend it” Phineas and Ferb have got it right—summer can get a little, or maybe even a lot, boring after the first couple of weeks.

  It is finally, finally summer. The best season, am I right? Summer means long days and even longer nights. It’s hanging out with friends and riding around with the windows down. Of course, music is needed to make these moments spectacular. Some of the best music comes out in the summer. Summer and music