While many schools today are getting more LGBTQ friendly, the below five schools have gone above and beyond. Through discussion groups, events and other resources, these schools have been making great efforts to positively influence the college experience for all of their LGBTQ students and LGBTQ allies. 1.Carleton CollegeLocation: Northfield, MinnesotaCenter: Gender and Sexuality Center Events and

It might be tempting to spend the next few weeks sleeping late, watching movies and staying in pajamas for days at a time, but that will make getting back into the swing of things in late August that much harder! When you let your mind relax for too long, no matter how good it feels

Everyone always tells you to watch your drink, stay around people you know, and never walk home from a party alone…but what about other celebration dangers that you have to be more aware of now that it is summer? Applying sunscreen and adhering to the rules of the beach and ocean are just a few

So you landed an interview for what seems like your perfect job… that’s great! Unfortunately hearing back from a company is only half of the battle; you still have to ace your interview. Here are some tips to help you impress during your interview and land your dream job! 1. Practice answering common interview questions

January is here, and the  he holiday season is coming to a close and this means one thing: the malls are ready and willing to suck in all the college students who are home, bored, and just got an influx of holiday cash. Here are some tips to help you steer clear of mindless spending

By: Amanda Ferrara, New York University Everyone gets the urge to splurge, especially when the end of a semester of hard work is right around the corner. Whether it is a few new outfits, a day at the spa, or a fancy dinner, a little pampering is sometimes exactly what you need. It’s as easy

By Amanda Ferrara, Alumna of NYU I recently graduated from college in a big city, and trust me, balancing school work, friends and fun was certainly a challenge. There were so many things I wanted to do, so many people I wanted to spend time with and so much school work that had to be

By Amanda Ferrara, Student at NYU So you meet a new boy at college; he’s funny, cute and totally likes you. The only problem is he lives right down the hall. What do you do? When it comes to “dormcest”, there are two main concerns that people have before they decide to take the plunge

If you're a recent grad without a job, it's time to pound the pavement for a job. Your resume is the first chance you have at impressing a potential employer, and if you don’t nail it, it might be your last.

Here are four tips to spice up your resume and make you stand out from the rest of the pile.

The moving process is long and frustrating. Between the packing, the lifting and the transporting, you might find yourself stressed out and physically drained.

Luckily, I have spent way too many days moving in and out of apartments, accumulating both mistakes and great tips.

Here are 12 guidelines that will help you reduce your moving anxiety and make the process just a bit easier!