Spring Semester is winding down, and so is your bank account. As the last bit of money you saved from your summer job is running out, it’s time to start looking for other resources to fund your college education. Between balancing schoolwork and a social life, finding the time to locate scholarship resources can be

Loren Brill, founder and CEO of Sweet Loren’s, was named Marie Claire’s Top Entrepreneur of 2012.  Since then she has worked to fulfill her dreams and expand her line of all-natural cookies. These break-bake sweet treats are a healthy guiltless pleasure. Enjoy. 1. When did your line originally “blow-up?”  Were you shocked that so many

Each week we will introduce you to our (LYD) Live Your Dream Stars. These awesome women are living their dream. Through their stories, we hope to inspire you to live your dreams. Cydney Ross is an artist from Kansas City, Missouri. This fall she began a Kickstarter Campaign to sponsor a trip to Kesckemét, Hungary where she will

Meagan Ferguson is a fashion designer currently living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has worked for Disney, recently designed for Kristin Chenoweth and currently is working for Theatre Tulsa. What made you make the move from New York to Tulsa?  Now that you have lived in Tulsa do you think that you will ever move back