This year, 2014, was a major year of events, ideas, excitement and, of course, pop culture. Here are some quotes to wrap up 2014 and kickstart 2015: “In my nervousness for this speech and my moments of doubt, I’ve told myself firmly, ‘If not me, who? If not now, when?” –Emma Watson. This quote was during

The English have a long-standing tradition of tea and our country itself is rooted in it. Boston Tea Party, anyone? Beyond the wisdom and peace it offers, tea is a healthy option with a variety of flavors and benefits to choose from. Green tea is a health benefit superstar, offering multiple antioxidants to keep you

There are few things college kids like better than free events. With books purchased for this semester, Starbucks budgeted for late nights at the library and fall formals coming up, there isn’t a lot of spare change being thrown around. Every college student needs money saving tips. These free activities on campus—colleges present multiple free opportunities to

As the semester picks up and activities begin, stress levels rise. It’s easy to let the thoughts in your head overwhelm you, but the best way to keep the momentum going is to get into a routine and take care of yourself. Meditation is a way to escape from college life, homework assignments, and the

“Wherever you are, be all there.” –Jim Elliot Back to school brings all sorts of stress and emotions. Sometimes you need to read just the right thing to make the goodbyes, move-ins, and new school year seem more manageable. I love words, quotes, and mantras. Here are 5 of my favorites to kick off this

  Summers in college are so weird. Some people are home, others are out of town, and others are out of the country! Everyone has different schedules, routines, and priorities. As if being apart from friends during the school year wasn’t enough as it is, now adding a new summer agenda and being separated from

The days are longer, the sun is warmer, and the summer is in full swing. You have grad parties, family picnics, bonfires, and beach trips to prepare for. I’ve looked through the latest things on my friends’ and the trends I see when I’m out and added some of my personal go-tos to the list!

As the spring warms into summer and school becomes an afterthought, the most flirty and fun season for makeup begins. From bonfires to grad parties, baseball games to patio dinners and the beach, here are some of my must-have beauty buys for flawless summer skin. I swear by tinted moisturizer for spring and summer looks.

I know your parents have probably nagged on this since you were 5 years old, but I’ll say it again here: Wear Sunscreen. If the idea of sunscreen is just too much for you, go to your local makeup or drug store and invest in a really nice moisturizer with SPF in it. I like

It’s officially the Home Stretch… are you ready? This time of the semester and school year is tough. It’s that point where classes are really pounding the pavement towards finals, campus activities are finishing up, and you’re feeling like you have a million things to do and people to see before it’s time to pack