Avoiding Freshman Puppy Love

Puppy Love

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So it’s your first semester at college. You’re feeling anxious yet excited about what these four years will bring— and you’re probably wondering about how many cute guys there will be on campus! While college dating can be healthy, remember that your number one priority is to YOU! That’s why it’s important to:


1. Focus on making friends, building connections.

Making friends your first year is crucial— those you meet during your freshman year are growing along with you, which will helps to build lasting bonds; they’re likely to be the girls you build memories with you throughout your collegiate journey.

2. Remember that grades are more important than the guys.

Not only is college a major transition for you, but it is also your chance to start fresh and focus on achieving! Earn yourself a spot on the Dean’s List, apply for scholarships, network with your professors to receive recommendation letters and maintain your GPA— these accomplishments will make you more focused, and less likely to date or party out of boredom.

3. Get an Early Start on Living Your Dreams.

It may sound cliché, but college will be the best four years of your life! There are going to be opportunities for you to study abroad in places you’d never imagine yourself living. You’re going to make many friends and connections through the organizations you choose to be a part of, from community service to joining a sorority.  Hard work will give you the opportunity to gain many valuable skills— ones that will look fabulous on you resume!

Always remember, you have the ability to be in control of your new life— there will be plenty of time to meet guys in college, but YOU come first, and YOU are going to be a part of BIG things!


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