Avoiding Mindless Spending Post-Holidays

holiday shopping

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January is here, and the  he holiday season is coming to a close and this means one thing: the malls are ready and willing to suck in all the college students who are home, bored, and just got an influx of holiday cash. Here are some tips to help you steer clear of mindless spending so you don’t go back to school with a bunch of things your don’t need and an empty wallet!

Don’t fall victim to the appeal of post-holiday sales.  While the sale prices this week can be unbelievably low, remember that a good deal is only a good deal if the item is something you really need or want. Before you buy something off of the clearance rack, ask yourself if you would still buy it if it weren’t 50% off. If not, toss it back and move on!

Practice practicality. Many of the items that are in stores now are seasonal, meaning they only apply to the winter season. If you are planning on buying new gloves or sweaters, consider that it’s almost January and winter is half way over; it might be smarter to save your money for soring essentials instead.

Remember to think before you spend.  Whether it be on clothes, coffee and bagels every morning, going out for dinner, or going on a weekend getaway, don’t let the spirit of winter and holiday cheer cloud your judgment! It’s definitely okay to have fun and spend a little extra now, but make sure you think about your expenses for the beginning of 2014 before you open your wallet.

Be mindful of what you already have.  The holidays just passed! You probably received a lot of great gifts and may not need much more. Taking inventory of what you already have and thinking about what if you really  need  something may stop your urge to splurge in its tracks.



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