Avoiding Overindulgence During the Holidays



Too much turkey? A mountain of mashed potatoes? It happens to the best of us.

The holiday season can become a nightmare for your waistline if you’re not mindful. It’s important to think about your plan of action before you dive into all the holiday goodies that you family will make. It’s okay to indulge a little for the holidays, but it’s totally easily to over eat.

A few tips on how to avoid overindulgence this holiday season:

1. Drink Water: I know it’s easy to drink all the juices, soda, and even alcoholic drinks during the holiday season, but make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Not only does water help you feel fuller faster, it also helps because it allows you to quench thirst that you might have without drinking empty calories.

2. Try High-Fat Alternatives: Consider switching up your holiday recipes by replacing whole milk with 2% milk or lots of sugar with a little less sugar. Chances are it will still be just as good, only a tad bit healthier for you.

3. Don’t Go For Seconds Automatically: It’s can be easy to eat many plates of food; let the food you eat first digest, and then go back for seconds if you are actually hungry. The food will  still be there for a while so you can always go back, but don’t just eat because it’s a holiday.

Remember, you don’t have to burn every calorie you intake.  It’s good to burn some of the excess calories, but don’t overwhelm yourself. Taking time to enjoy the season, along with proper diet and exercise, will be the best way to celebrate this holiday!

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