Avon’s mark. Program Could Put You on Beauty Career Fast Track

You never leave the house without your makeup on. You change your nail polish almost as much as often as most people change their undies. You think Sephora is the mothership and never miss an opportunity to stop in to try out the latest lipsticks or concealer. If your obsession with beauty knows no bounds, Avon’s mark. may be the first step in scoring your dream job after graduation.

Meet mark., the teen and college line from Avon that’s recently been gaining momentum on college campuses around the country, thanks in part to its urban chic products and its famous pitch woman (The HillsLauren Conrad). The premise is pretty simple: You pay a fee, become a campus rep, sell makeup and other products to your friends and fellow students, and then earn cash without ever having to punch a clock or slip into some ugly restaurant uniform. If you’ve never really pictured yourself as an Avon lady, you might want to reconsider. Beauty is big business (according to a 2006 survey, more Americans spend money on beauty products each year then they do on education).

Besides the financial benefits, the mark. program actually offers a PAID 10-week summer internship program in NYC for its top-selling reps (fifteen spots in all) where you have the opportunity to learn all about beauty PR, cosmetic product developement, event planning, and celebrity sponsorships.

No coffee orders. No filing. No errands. REAL, legitimate beauty industry experience. If it sounds like a dream come true, you might want to check out. Not everyone is cut out to be a salesperson, but if you’re already spending big bucks on your favorite beauty products, you might as well get paid for your knowledge and enthusiasm, right?

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