The Balancing Act: Basic Necessities

This morning I scurried around my room getting ready for the day. The plan: work, then coffee shop to work on a paper, bible study, then another coffee shop to do this blog (which is where I am as we speak). As I was getting it together I realized that I did not have any snack food to take to work to eat on my break. I haven’t been grocery shopping in ages. At that moment I realized that somehow my basic necessities has become my last priority!

We have been given eating and sleeping as a gift of rest and enjoyment. I have seriously thought sometimes that if I didn’t have to eat or sleep, I would be much more efficient. That is a seriously sad thought (and not the first I’ve had of it’s type). At some point we all have to realize that we NEED to sleep and eat for a reason. Sleep gives us rest and food gives us nourishment. For me, these are the things that end up lowest on the totem pole.

So, let’s keep it plain and simple, our basic necessities are not burdens on our time schedule, even though they may feel that way sometimes. So go home, eat your favorite dish, and take a nap!

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