The Balancing Act: Breath in the Music

Sometimes life is so busy you want to pull your hair out and scream. You are cramming all night for that exam. You have 3 papers to write. You have to go to work at 7am and you are studying until 2am. You have to make some calls for that event your planning. You forgot to do that one homework assignment. You need to do laundry. You have endless schoolwork to do and a birthday party to attend. You need to go grocery shopping. Your family is in town and you need to show them around. You need to put gas in your car. Your parents are visiting the dorms. Your kids need to go to the doctor. You have 2 books to read in a week. The list goes on, endlessly. Sometimes we just need a minute to breath.

Sometimes one of the best ways to breath is the sooth yourself with music. In your car, on your ipod, on your laptop, in the stereo … a few minutes of the right tunes can calm your nerves and put you in the right mood to keep on going with your crazy life.

For me, it is classical music all the way. I played in orchestra and as I listen to Yo-Yo Ma’s bow glide over the cello strings my tension and anxiety floats away. For others it is jazz, alternative, country, rap, rock, or opera. Sometimes you have to take a 5 minute (or longer) breather and just relax and listen to the music that helps you chill out. Take a walk and listen to your ipod. Sit in your car for an extra minute before you get out and just soak it in. Pick your genre, your album, your artist, for maximum relaxation and breath in the music!

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