The Balancing Act: Chill Out with Hot Yoga

There are tons of ways to relax and relieve stress. We all know that midterms, finals, annoying roommates, cramming, family, bills, lack of sleep, etc., etc., stress us out. I’m sure anyone would tell you yoga is a great way to relax but have you ever tried Bikram yoga?

Imagine your typical yoga class but add 105 degree temperatures and humidity machines. Plus, don’t forget that the 26 poses result in about a 90 minute class.

While there is something seemingly masochistic about this type of yoga, after subjecting myself to it for the first time over the weekend, it was refreshing. Not only does it provide a massive detox, considering that you will drip sweat out of every pore in your body, but it also tests patience and mental endurance. So if you’re looking for a new way to relax and unwind, try Bikram. You will release tension, stress, and sweat; good balance indeed.

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