The Balancing Act: Museum Merriment

Finding ways to relax and take a break are an important part of being balanced in life. A great way to do that is to grab some friends and head to a museum. There are tons of different types of museums so you can pick and choose which kind to go to. They are quiet, calming, and temperature controlled to boot.

Museums are also a healthy way to relax. You are able to get out of the house and walk around. This is a million times better than vegging on the couch watching television and eating chips. It is good for your body since you’re up and out. It is also a way to be social. Sometimes as students we end up in a little school bubble, with an unbalanced focus on academics. Going with friends is a great way to visit, catch up and make social life a part of life. Plus, a museum trip broadens your horizons and expands your mind. It is a fun way to stimulate your intellect without being buried in a library all day.

Now, let’s not forget we want to be balanced in our finances too … look for free museums in your area. Lots of places have a free day once a month, or discount entrance for special events. I went on an art night tour in Pasadena for free on Friday and after attending a women’s studies seminar I was in free all day at the Huntington Library on Saturday. Do some investigating and you can have your relaxing, social, smart fun for free! So take a day to mellow out at the museum!

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