The Balancing Act: Right Relationships

While there are so many things that can get in the way of being balanced and keeping your sanity in life, there are also things that can seriously help. Having the right kind of relationships in your life can make a world of difference. Now, I am talking all kinds of relationships, family, friends, significant others. Having a support network can encourage you when you feel like crap, correct you when you’re heading in the wrong direction, and push you toward your goals.

There are two important things in your relationships; the first is that both people need to be putting in the effort to maintain the relationship. You know exactly what I’m talking about … that one friend who only comes around when they need something from you or they talk your ear off about their problems but never ask how you are or they never ever call you but expect you to communicate regularly. If you’re the one doing all the texting, all the visiting, all the calling, all the listening, then something is seriously wrong. There should be an equal level of support and communication in any relationship. Thing about the people you’re closest to … are you always calling them? Always listening to all their issues? People who do not want to put in any effort to keep up your relationship are causing unbalance in your life. Having balanced relationships helps balance your life.

Secondly, you want people in your life who will support your goals. Take me for example, I want to be a professor and I am applying to PhD programs this fall. I have had a handful of people in my life over my college years who really did not support my career goals for this reason or that. Those were not the kind of people I needed in my life. While on the other hand, I have some friends and family who are so supportive and encouraging in my life goals that I could thank them endlessly. Their support helps me to keep going. You want friends, family, and significant others who believe in your dreams with you because sometimes you feel like you just can’t keep going but they will encourage you and lift you up in ways that you wouldn’t be able to do yourself.

A part of balanced life means balanced relationships. In our ever-crazy lives do we really have time for people that don’t support us and don’t make an effort to maintain relationships? No. Positive, encouraging, loving, affirming, balanced relationships are key to a balanced life!

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