The Balancing Act: ZZZZzzzz

Running off of last week’s post … sleep is one of the most basic, important needs we have. When we are seriously busy and balancing all the things going on in our lives sometimes sleep can be hard. When I was in undergrad I lived in the dorms. By the end of my senior year it would take me hours to fall asleep and I was getting a few hours of sleep a night. Horrible. I had certain friends I knew I could call at all hours of the night when I couldn’t sleep (thank you thank you if you’re one of those people!). So, I learned some tricks to help myself fall asleep easier and stay asleep. Here are some of them …

*Avoid caffeine, alcohol, & tobacco too soon before bed. This will keep you up.

*Put away any type of work about an hour before you go to bed (school books, or work). Your mind needs to relax.

*Do something relaxing before bed: massage, bath, reading something calming.

*Work out regularly. You will be more tired and more balanced, regular sleep and regular exercise go together.

*Have a consistent sleep schedule. Go to bed and get up around the same times.

*Only sleep in your bed. Don’t read, eat, watch tv, etc. in bed … you want your body to associate your bed with comfy sleep.

*Have a balanced temperature in the room. Not too hot, not too cold, just like Goldilocks.

*Have the right amount of pillows and blankets on the bed so that you are at perfect comfort.

*Try aromatherapy bed/pillow sprays. Certain smells can help you relax and fall asleep easier.

*Last but not least … shoot for the room to be as dark as possible. Block out light from windows, etc. and try an eye mask. I started using one in undergrad and still do, it helps.

A rough nights sleep can ruin your whole day but a few little things can help make for a comfy, well rested night!

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