Beauty Basics: 5 Tips to Protect Your Skin this Spring

I know your parents have probably nagged on this since you were 5 years old, but I’ll say it again here: Wear Sunscreen. If the idea of sunscreen is just too much for you, go to your local makeup or drug store and invest in a really nice moisturizer with SPF in it. I like wearing a tinted SPF moisturizer in the summer because it’s one less layer of makeup to sweat off and I know my freckly, Irish skin will be safe. (I actually like to wear SPF 25 tinted moisturizer!) Better safe than sorry is always the way to go when it comes to your skin. That SPF will mean the difference from healthy skin to sun-blistered skin.

Go outside! This may be obvious, but being outside in the sun is a great source of Vitamin D! After a cold winter and minimal time soaking in sun, being outside and being active is a great awakening for your skin! Vitamin D is said to help lower the risk of heart attack and osteoporosis. It also helps boost immunity to the flu! A 15 minute walk in the middle of the day, every day is said to help raise Vitamin D levels back to healthy levels!

Another tip to protect your skin this summer is to wear hats! Whether it’s a cute floppy hat at the beach or a baseball hat around campus, we oftentimes forget to protect our scalp, neck and faces! The worst is coming home from a fun day outside or at a baseball game, getting in the shower, going to wash your hair, and realizing how burned your scalp is! It’s so painful and ultimately untreatable (unless you’re planning to put aloe goop in your hair,) and has potential dangers if it happens regularly. It’s a simple accessory that is very powerful!

My last piece of advice on taking care of your skin as the seasons change is please don’t tan. Tanning beds have had study after study conducted, and all have concluded that the UV rays really do lead to skin cancer if overused. It’s easy to say you’re just going “2 times before prom” or just to “get ready for spring break,” but I’ve seen a lot of people get addicted to going, and know a couple of girls who have had to have spots of skin cancer removed as a result. If you’re really feeling lead to go tanning, please do so minimally. When you lay out outside, at least wear a base coat of sunscreen and lay out in modified times.

I might sound like I’m your mother, but I’ve realized that the real secret to having healthy skin is taking care of it. These little steps really do add up, and will help you enjoy the wonderful weather rather than force you inside while your sunburn peels.  I’ve had many a vacation ruined by way too much sun in the first couple of days. Just being active and outside will give your skin a natural, healthy glow!

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