Beauty Basics: Avoiding Winter Washout

By Sarah Dougherty, University of Alabama

Along with fun holidays and reunions with friends and family comes brisk winter weather, and we all know what that means: dry, pale skin. I’ve put together a few tips and tricks to avoid being washed out during one of the most fun-to-dress-for seasons! (Can you say “layers?”)

Keep Hydrated: When the air is cold and dry, your skin really takes a toll. Try to drink around eight cups of water a day. An easy way to know you’re drinking enough is to aim for 2-3 bottles worth—just keep a reusable bottle in your school bag and you’ll be set! Staying hydrated will really make your skin brighter, and help save you from the back-to-school stress breakouts.

Stay Moisturized: To go along with proper amounts of water, find a good moisturizer for your skin type. I have dry, oily skin, so a lighter, morning-applied moisturizer works best for me, and also doubles as a primer before I put on my makeup for the day. If your skin is dry, whatever makeup you apply to it will look crackly and uneven (we’ve all been there.) If you have a good moisturizer routine, you probably don’t need an extra primer. (The phrase “less is more” rings true with this.)

Adapt your Color Palette: Your skin is a different shade in January than it is in July. Adapt your beauty products to enhance your features as they are in these extreme seasons. Look for a foundation to match your winter complexion, and gradually go back as the spring approaches. Nothing will make you look more washed out than a super-tan foundation on a different-colored neck and body. A little bit of subtle bronzer can give your face a finished, healthy glow without making you look orange. You also may want to avoid extreme amount of blush—the cold will give your cheeks a natural rosiness!

Be Bold: I know the red lip is super in right now, but depending on your skin tone, the red lip can be your worst enemy. Stay bold, but try a rosier lip color for your next big night out this season. Save the brighter tones for accent jewelry! Warmer shades of clothing mixed with bright jewelry and subtle makeup will help keep you picture-perfect this winter. For example, Chambray shirts and colored corduroys complement any skin tone. Just add some accessories and you’re all set!

Try your best to stay healthy and hydrated! Keep these tips in the back of your mind the next time you go to get ready— just a few small adjustments and you’ll be looking your best!



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