Beauty Review: Trader Joe’s Balanced Moisturizing Nourish Spa Shampoo and Conditioner

There's some beauty products that I love, and then there's some I OBSESS over. Trader Joe's Balanced Moisturizing Nourish Spa Shampoo and Conditioner just happens to fall into the former category. As someone who's struggled with my hair since birth (I tell everyone I'm a white girl born with a black girl's 'do), I often have trouble finding a shampoo and conditioner that's geared to my specific hair needs (super-thick coarse, curly hair that has a tendency to get dry and frizzy during the summer and after a trip to the salon). On top of that, I've spent tons of money on really expensive brands like Aveda and gotten minimal results (much to my wallet's disappoinment).

So what makes this shampoo and conditioner so great? Here's a quick rundown:

It's Totally Organic: Rosemary oil, orange citrus, lemongrass, willow bark, sea kelp, and chamomille are just some of the many great ingredients contained inside. Add in the fact that it has a mild scent, is totally cruelty-free,and is not tested on animals and we're talkin' a winning combo.

It's Awesome For All Hair Types: While it's geared toward dry, brittle hair, I've seen enough product reviews online to suggest EVERYONE seems pleased with the results. The only thing I would suggest is people with thin straight hair might want to go easy on the super-thick conditioner.

It's So Cheap Your Debit Card Will Blink Twice: Sadly, Trader Joe's doesn't sell it online, but I paid a mere $3.00 per bottle in-store (did I mention you get a whopping 16.9 fl oz.), and found it on for $5.95. Compare that to Aveda's Dry Remedy Mositurizing Shampoo at $24.00, and you quickly realize why so many people have kept this great product hush-hush for so long!






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