Being a Comfortable College Fashionista…Impossible?

Hello ladies! I bet we’re all trying to predict what may be in or out this season, and all of the must have accessories to keep us looking vivacious during the cold season. I personally know that maintaining a successful college career and satisfying your inner “Fashionista” can be tricky, but this can be very simple for all of us and affordable!

 I’ve been doing a lot of shopping recently and everywhere I’ve visited had all sorts of new trends and crazes so as you can imagine it can all be overwhelming. With the new weather coming in we want to be warm and fashionable right? We can do this! The first thing to do is stock up and cute kicks and sizzling snow boots, this is the blueprint of your wardrobe building TONS of gracious get-ups. I’ve found that local stores like Mandee’s, Charlotte Russe, DELiA*s, and DSW are absolutely perfect for fashion shoes with out the prices we all dread. Comfort is the key when you’re treading around campus so make sure to put your feet first when choosing your kicks.

We all know that nothing beats a comfortable pair of jeans while taking an exam, sitting in on a lecture, or just hanging around campus so why not be comfortable and trendy? Don’t be afraid to go skinny! Skinny and straight leg jeans are definite must haves for the fall to execute the goal of style and comfort. You can pair them with a basic screen tee or blouse, depending on your mood so dress them up or dress them down, in the end your comfort is still safe. On the days when you want to be a little more upscale go out and grab a pair of Boyfriend pants from Old Navy or some high waist flare jeans from H&M. With these you step it up from class to work or vice versa. You can pair these jeans with a dressy blouse or a basic white dress shirt if you like; there are so many styles to play with so you’ll never feel limited!

The absolute must have accessory for the fall is the everlasting hobo bag. Most girls prefer a smaller bag that’s a little less to carry but don’t be afraid to LIVE LARGE. For the every day college fashion forward female these bags can be quite useful. They can be used for carrying everything you need and maintaining that fashion edge! Forever 21, Wet Seal, and Old Navy have huge affordable collections to keep our book carrying fun.

We can’t talk about fall fashions and forget about jackets and outer wear. I’m sure we’re all aware of the old expression “History always repeats itself” which is so true. We’re talking Trench Coats. This closet contribution is a must have because they keep you very warm while looking hot! You don’t have to do these basic black because they come in all different colors to fit your lovely personalities. How cool is that?

So when you shop for you fall fashions keep these tips in mind: Be comfortable! Focusing on your college career is most important; anyone on any budget can be “Fashionistas”, HAVE FUN! Your wardrobe should be a part of who you are. With all this being said always remember…Style is eternal and most importantly internal.

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