4 Best Bets for Off-Campus Activities



It’s time to explore! The local community surrounding your university has a lot of great things going for it. Go check out the world at large around your school.

1. Nature: The best part about Spring is the mass amount of daylight and time to explore there is! Take a step out of your comfort zone and go the park, lake, or even a local swimming pool! It’s time to get out there and hike local mountains or do something you haven’t done before. Always make sure you take all safety precautions–but that you have a lot of fun while being out and about!

Some of my best memories are with my friends just walking in the park or swinging on the swings! College is often a great time to relive some of your awesome childhood moments such as going to the park. Obviously you will be a little too big for certain things, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

2. Shopping: Shopping is one of my all time favorite activities when I have some free time on my hands! I guarantee you there will be a ton of shops in your college town that you can’t get where your hometown is. Go look for cute little boutiques and find hidden shopping treasures.

Whether you are window shopping or looking for clothes you can actually buy shopping is the best way to relieve some stress and have a good afternoon. Make sure that shopping is in the budget for you! Don’t let one lapse in monetary judgement make you stressed out!

3. Entertainment: There will be a million entertainment destinations in your college town. At my town some of my favorite things to do are watching movies, going to shows/concerts, or even going bowling. If you want to be entertained I guarantee either your college town has some options or cities close to it.

Get your entertainment on and don’t forget to show your awesome student ID because a lot of local places will offer student discounts!

4. Dining Establishments: One of my best bets for off campus entertainment is going out to eat! There are so many local restaurants for you to go explore! Stay away from the chain restaurants and go to a local eatery! The food will be much tastier and usually you get more for the price (at least in the South!) You never know what you will find and you might have the best meal of your life!

We want to know more! What are your favorite places to go off-campus? Share with me @AmandaJPCross and tag #UChic to share your thoughts or leave us a comment below.

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