The Best Show You're NOT Watching….or maybe you are, but then why didn't you tell me about it?

Every night at 11 I watch reruns of *Girlfriends on UPN*. I LOVE this show! Every time William calls the girls heifers, I laugh out loud in a “this-is-highly-misogynistic-but HILARIOUS” kind of way. The show follows the lives of four women in Los Angeles, Joan _(lawyer)_, Toni _(realtor/crazy lady)_, Maya _(“executive” assitant turned writer)_ and Lynn _(over-educated unemployed free spirit)_. Living alone, these four women have become my actual girlfriends… _sad I know._ But at 11 pm, I flip on the t.v. and hear the now-familiar cheesy theme song…. _”Girlfriends… there through thick and thin, Girlfriends…ready for anything,” and I am strangely comforted. But really, it is a great show. *Check it out*.

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