Break & Bake with Loren Brill: These Healthy Cookies Will Blow Your Mind

Loren Brill, founder and CEO of Sweet Loren’s, was named Marie Claire’s Top Entrepreneur of 2012.  Since then she has worked to fulfill her dreams and expand her line of all-natural cookies. These break-bake sweet treats are a healthy guiltless pleasure. Enjoy. 1. When did your line originally “blow-up?”  Were you shocked that so many

Join us for a Girls Night Out and Support 1000 Dreams!

At UChic we work hard. But we have a whole lot of fun doing it. Especially when that good time can help fund awesome young women! Next week in our hometown of Kansas City, join us for a night of fun and philanthropy while enjoying complimentary food and drink on March 10, at HMK on

The Roundup: Jessica Lawlor #LYD Star Twitter Chat

Our #LYD Star and gutsy gal Jessica Lawlor joined us for a twitter chat last week. If you still don’t know Jessica you should. She is a writer, blogger, speaker and that someone who will guide you out of your comfort zone. We were so pleased to have a spectacular turnout with very thoughtful questions and inspiring answers.

6 Ways to Eliminate Social Media Anxiety

You love tagging family members in pictures, posting silly photos on your friend’s wall and tweeting inside jokes with your best friend, but buried deep underneath all the fun and games in your social media world, lies a darker realm. Sometimes social media becomes the cause of our stress, worry, anxiety or low self-esteem. Here

A Quest to Make 10,000 Hats: #LYD Star Robyn Devine

Each week we will introduce you to our (LYD) Live Your Dream Stars. These awesome women are changing the world through their dreams. Through their stories, we hope to inspire you to live your dreams. This week we interviewed Robyn Devine. She is changing the world by knitting 10,000 hats and donating them to hospitals,

Fund Your Purpose: Apply for the 1000 Dreams Scholarship

Hey Chicsters – College is expensive. There is no way around it. And it isn’t only about the expensive college tuition that students and parents have to worry about covering. There are expensive books to buy, awesome but unpaid internships to fund, life-changing study-board programs to find funding for, and conferences that could connect you

Four Things That Are Draining Your Bank Account

It’s Friday night and your girlfriends invited you out for a couple of drinks at a new bar that just opened up around campus. Although your heart screams yes, your mind decides to think logically and check your bank account. You realize that your paycheck isn’t looking so hot and you still have a couple

What are Twitter Chats? (Interview with Social Media Manager Lauren D.)

We started our #LYD (Live Your Dream) Star interview series over a year ago. Through these interviews we have met and introduced women  who are dreaming, doing and creating change around the world. This year, in 2015, we plan on launching a Twitter Chat series with some of these #LYD women. So, we thought this week

What is #LYD all about?

Hello Chicsters! If you have been following UChic over the last year, you’ve probably noticed we’ve undergone some changes…some small and some incredibly BIG in terms of our on-going commitment to helping young women in the U.S. live their dreams. From our earlier roots as a website dedicated to covering the topics that college women

Get Gutsy with Live Your Dreams Star Jessica Lawlor

This interview is a part of our Live Your Dreams Stars series where we feature awesome young women who are changing the world one amazing dream at a time. LYD! Life begins at the end of your comfort zone… this is how UChic LYD Star Jessica Lawlor reaches her dreams. As the founder of the Get Gutsy