5 Ways To Save During The Holidays

During the holidays it is easy to overspend on gifts. Having a budget is essential to being financially fit. Here are some tips on saving during the holidays. 1. Make a budget and stick to it. Sometimes it helps to write down your budget. Make a list of people you are buying gifts for this season.

Thanks2U Giveaway has ended!

Our Thanks2U giveaway has ended! Congrats to our THANKS2U Winner, Erika C. (Metropolitan Community College) who won the UChic Computer Case + a $50 Amazon Gift Card. a Rafflecopter giveaway As you now know our #1000Dreams Indiegogo Campaign has been fully funded! We are ecstatic, thrilled, moved and humbled. What we did together is incredible. Through

5 Colleges Where LGBTQ Students Thrive

While many schools today are getting more LGBTQ friendly, the below five schools have gone above and beyond. Through discussion groups, events and other resources, these schools have been making great efforts to positively influence the college experience for all of their LGBTQ students and LGBTQ allies. 1.Carleton CollegeLocation: Northfield, MinnesotaCenter: Gender and Sexuality Center Events and

Thanksgiving Gratitude Practices

Holidays can be stressful. With all the gift shopping and parties to attend, it is easy to lose track of what it is all about. Practicing gratitude has always given me perspective. Sometimes the best way to get perspective is to practice gratitude. Here are five gratitude practices that will change your holiday season. 1. Gossip

Top 5 Black Friday Deals!

Ah Black Friday that holiday tradition. Sure, the turkey is nice and family is great, but I love shopping! Black Friday is starting earlier and earlier it seems, with many stores opening well before midnight now. With the rise of the Internet, many stores are releasing their ads online earlier, so us crazy shoppers can

1000 Dreams Fund Recipients

After several weeks of busy days of Indiegogo updates and fundraising efforts – I’m thrilled to share WE HAVE FULLY FUNDED OUR #1000Dreams INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN! With your support and help, we raised over $29,000 which will fund the production of our Gracie computer case AND 13 scholarships for 13 amazing young women! To all of you

10 Reasons to Follow Your Dreams

We all have dreams and goals that drive us to get to the career, school and relationships we want. But what if you are stuck ​and don’t know why you started these dreams in the first place? This happens from time to time. We get burnt out or we get stuck in comfortable routines.  But I believe

How to Use Social Media to Build Your Brand

Last Thursday, November 13, our Director of Content + Community Sowmya Krishnamurthy joined us for a Facebook chat to discuss YOUR brand on social media, job hunting on Twitter, blogging for cash and more. In case you have missed any information here are the highlights: Lauren asks: For those looking to create a strong personal

1000 Dreams Fund Recipients

Each week during our 60-day Indiegogo campaign, we will introduce you to the awesome young women we will fund if our campaign goal is successfully reached. If our goal is met each young women will receive a fund of up to $1,000. This week is our last week! We’d like to introduce you to Sarah C! Be prepared to

Rev Up Your Resume

We all know that a great resume is crucial when it comes to landing a job. Whether it’s your first job, or your first real-world job, it’s a piece of paper that can decide your next step in your career. It’s so important to have a tight knit resume so your next employer can see