Summer Romance: To Stay Single or Mingle

Summer Love is a tricky subject because while there is much fun to be had in the sun–there is always, in the back of your mind, thoughts of another school year. Especially for Chicsters back home after college it can be difficult to decide whether or not you should mingle or stay single. 1. Don’t

3 Tricks to to Stay on Track During a Gap Year

The term “Gap Year” refers to people (at any age) whom want to take a year off from schooling. During “Gap Year,” people can travel the world, work fulltime, or virtually do anything that they want for a ‘year.’ In the United States, some people participate in Gap Year, but it’s more prominent in European

Get Creative: Everyday Ways to Beat Boredom

“There’s a hundred and four days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it but then annual problem of our generation is finding a good way to spend it” Phineas and Ferb have got it right—summer can get a little, or maybe even a lot, boring after the first couple of weeks.

LYD Star: Actress Jillian Kinsey

Jillian Kinsey will not immediately strike you as a daredevil. She has long blonde waves and bright eyes, she is reserved, but exceptionally polite (especially for the gritty city of New York).  But if you get her talking about performing– instantly a fire is lit. While her passion has always been performing, she took what was

Freshman Year Prep: Get in Gear Right Now

By now all you incoming freshmen are wasting the days away by the pool, sleeping until noon, and what not.  School is two months away and of course, in the middle of June, that seems like a life time away now, but sooner than you expect, it will be August and you’ll be rushing to

6 Ways to Stay Smart over Summer

Between the late night bon-fires, and constant Netflix marathons, it is easy to let your brain go on a vacation too! Follow this guide on How to Stay Smart over Summer, so that in September you will not only come back with a new tan, latest clothes, but some refreshed knowledge as well. 1. Beach

Summer Celebrations: How to Stay Smart and Safe

Everyone always tells you to watch your drink, stay around people you know, and never walk home from a party alone…but what about other celebration dangers that you have to be more aware of now that it is summer? Applying sunscreen and adhering to the rules of the beach and ocean are just a few

Wanderlust: Top 10 Summer Day Trips

Summertime is almost here!!!, and with soon to be scorching hot weather set to arrive at any moment we are beginning to start fantasizing about beaches, vacations, & fruity drinks. While many of of us would like to jet off to some exotic location or immerse ourselves in a new culture by visiting a foreign

7 Ways to Unwind for the Summer After A Hectic School Year

You’ve spent many nights cramming for exams, worked on group projects and papers, and have finally completed your final exams. While most of us are relieved that the school year is finally over, some of us have forgotten what it feels like to relax for the summer. Here are seven ways to unwind for the

Freshman Year of College Prep: Get in Gear Right Now

The transition from high school to college is huge, but you don’t need anyone to tell you that much. While the big move to a new campus and leaving family behind seem like the most obvious changes you’re bound to face, it’s the little changes you’ll really have to get used to: making sure you