The Final Countdown: 5 Step Graduation Prep- High School Edition

As high schoolers eagerly await the final month, weeks, or days of school of the year, one group of students is particularly antsy—the graduating class of seniors. Whether their eagerness is to leave high school, to start a new chapter in their lives, or to go out with a newfound independence, either way, they know

Graduation Gifting: Shopping for Your Sorority Sisters

It’s that busy time of year again, when everyone is cramming for finals and making summer plans. With so much on your plate, the last thing you want to be worrying about is what to get your graduating sorority sister. These ideas will save you some legwork. Graduating sisters have accumulated countless memories during their

Enter Now and WIN BIG in our ‘Aspire 2 Inspire’ Giveaway

Spring has sprung and graduation season is around the corner. It’s time to get inspired! To celebrate this special season, is launching a four-week-long ‘Aspire 2 Inspire’ giveaway! Starting today, we’ll be giving away a new prize each week. Simply ‘like’ UChic’s Facebook page and click to enter here; that’s all you have to

Senior Year: 5 Step College Graduation Prep

AH! The time has finally come to venture out into the real world and start your professional career! It’s an exciting time, but also stressful. Even though it is exciting and new (and let’s face it—a little sad), there are some steps that we all have to take to prep for graduation. We’ve gathered 5

Chicsters Share: 5 Dream Study Abroad Destinations

Studying abroad is a wonderful experience! It allows you to learn about a new culture & way of life! Also you never know what you may see or who you might meet! It is a great way to expand your knowledge and education and makes you a great candidate for potential jobs by showing your

Work in a Workout: Tips for a Busy Post-Graduate

After I graduated from Manhattan College in 2012, I found that the best way to handle all the changes that come after graduation, was to focus on my health and fitness. As I cheerleader, I have always been active, but now that I was no longer part of a team and back home and not

Follow Friday: What We Read and Shared This Week

Chicsters! Finally, it’s Friday. Sit back, relax and take a quick break to check out must-read and Twitter highlights that we shared this week. LYD Stars: Larcy: “Instead of being fearful of change, however, she was fearless; leaving a prestigious advertising position at the iconic The New York Times to pursue her dreams of

Wise Words for Freshman: Stay True to Yourself

Almost four years ago, I walked into my college dorm with the immense need to “find” myself. Now, more than ever, I’ve realized that college isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about learning and understanding what it means to be comfortable in your own shoes. Whether it is asking for help, lending a hand, doing well in or epically failing your classes, making mistakes or making friends, college is really about solidifying who you are and what you believe in.

5 Tips to Achieve Your Perfect Study Playlist

If you’re like me, rocking out to some gnarly tunes is one way you power through your nightly studies. If you’ve never tried studying to a soundtrack before, or you needed some inspiration to get going, here’s my tips on crafting the ultimate motivational playlist. 1. Find music that speaks to you. Freshman year I had

4 Best Bets for Off-Campus Activities

It’s time to explore! The local community surrounding your university has a lot of great things going for it. Go check out the world at large around your school. 1. Nature: The best part about Spring is the mass amount of daylight and time to explore there is! Take a step out of your comfort