Ladies: Don’t Make These Date Outfit Mistakes!

Guest Post by Jennifer Kelton Dating is an art, and the fashion choices you make to meet a potential mate says a lot about your personal style – or lack thereof. Surprisingly, many women don’t even know that they’re making date outfit mistakes. That’s why Jennifer Kelton, CEO/Founder and Lead Stylist for Dress For The

How to Survive Living With Roommates

By Emily Roseman, Alumna of American University Perhaps one of life’s most fascinating experiments is the advent of communal living. Ah, roommates; the greatest test of one’s wherewithal and well, temperaments. Whether it’s your freshman year of college or your attempt to save a couple pennies on your post-grad rent, roommates can be the most

Congrats to the 6th Week Winner of the BTS Bash!

Congratulations to Michelle D., who is the winner of the Windows Phone 8 and one month of service! Thanks to all of you for participating in the Back-to-School Bash! Make sure to check back to on a regular basis, as we will be offering more giveaways and ways to win fabulous products down the

4 Tips to Finding a College Roommate

By Brianna Pennella, Student at Ithaca College Here’s the breakdown: Most incoming freshmen dread the prospect of a random roommate. The idea that you could end up with the kid who hangs salami in the closet or the one who stays up all night playing the banjo can make anyone anxious. Despite this, college is

Trend Alert: Novel Tees

By Laura Iglehart, Student at Georgetown University In some of their recent collections, designers like Stella McCartney, Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy and even Nicolas Ghesquière (formerly of Balenciaga) sent models down the runways clad in wild, in-your-face T-shirts. This not-so-subtle trend quickly found fame in many fashion bloggers’ wardrobes and replaced the minimalist, white V-neck

Dealing With National Tragedies as a College Student

By Emily Roseman, Alumna of American University Like so many of you, I remember the exact moment September 11th  rocked our world. Sitting in my sixth grade English class, the beautiful early autumn weather rolled through the empty hallways. A soft wind ruffled some loose papers as fast-approaching footsteps turned into a full-on sprint down the sixth grade

The Guide to Avoiding the Freshman 15

By Olivia Lawnick, Student at Newberry College  Every college-bound girl is terrified of the Freshman 15, the urban legend that is a lot less legend and very real. The unwanted weight gain can result from a few different factors such as overeating, stress and bad food choices. The most important thing you can do to

5 Best Cities for Fashionistas to Study Abroad

  By Guest Blogger Hannah Long Studying abroad is considered the experience of a lifetime for a reason – you’ll be immersed in a new culture, learn a new language and become totally independent and self-confident. If you’re a fashion lover, studying abroad will also open your eyes to a completely new outlook on style.

5 Chic (But Cheap) Pieces for Your Fall Wardrobe

By Laura Iglehart, Student at Georgetown University Shortly after the September fashion magazines have declared the hottest fall trends, fashion devotees everywhere flock to the stores (with Vogues in hand) to snatch up some of these of-the-moment pieces. Not surprisingly, these trendy “must-haves” are usually unique to high-end/designer boutiques and department stores and come with a

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