U Chic Approved: Summer Sandals

Now that warm weather is finally here, it's time to pull the sandals out. Using your old flip-flops from last year is not a bad idea, but shopping for new ones is always a better (and more fun) one!

Expert Shares Top 5 Online Dating Secrets

As an online dating coach who’s been there, done that and married a man that I met online -- people are always asking for my online dating secret.

Ready for it? You have to think of yourself as a “product” that you are selling online to the right “buyer." If you make the majority of your purchases online, why should finding a mate be any different?

Think of how a product catches your eye online -- intriguing pictures, clever product descriptions and an attention-getting launch strategy. What if you did the same for your online dating profile?

The Dangers of Day Drinking

When the weather starts to get nice, college students everywhere have an alarm that starts to go off in their heads. Nice weather = FUN and FUN = day drinking.

You might think that having a few margaritas while sitting in the backyard or having a few beers on the beach might be fine, but there is more than meets the eye. Day drinking can be fine if done in moderation, but sometimes people go overboard, and there are some serious dangers involved in sipping alcohol in the sunshine.

U Chic Approved: Beach Essentials

Summer has finally shone through the clouds and is ready to get started. With great weather and longer days, many chicsters will find themselves headed straight for the beach. Before you set off, make sure you’ve got these beach essentials in order to optimize your sand and surf experience!

Sunburn Solutions From Experts

Summer is here! You’re home for the summer from college and catching up with high school friends, going to barbecues and hanging out at the pool/beach.

With the summer sun’s UV rays beating down on you, it’s easy to forget to reapply sunscreen, which leads to intense and painful sunburns. I found a great set of rules to stick to when it comes to dealing with sunburn from written by expert doctors. Here are a few tips from their list!

Announcing Our ‘Diploma Diaries’ Giveaway Winners

For the past two weeks, we've asked you to share what you're most concerned about with the real world. You gave us your honest answers, and we chose the top five to win copies of our guide to post-grad life, "Diploma Diaries."

Here's what our winners had to say!

Diploma Diaries: The Freelancing Life

I’ve always perceived myself as a “professional intern.” When I was offered a permanent freelancing position with ABC News, I was not only overjoyed, I was comfortable with the road ahead.

Marking almost a year of my anniversary of my first-time employment, never did I foresee myself being so satisfied with my career and future outlooks as a freelancer. Freelancing, in my rose-colored glasses, meant pennies for paychecks, no benefits and glorified intern status. But I am living proof that freelancing in any career offers incredible experience and profound freedom to explore your greatest talents.

5 Books to Read This Summer

While you’re vacationing this summer, laying out by the pool or tanning on a beach, catch up on your reading with some of this summer's hottest books. Whatever your preference may be, there is something for each of you!

Here's my list of the top five books you have to read this summer.

Fitness Tip: Get Your Gym Bag Ready

Not everyone is lucky enough to have gym equipment in their dorm room or to live in a building with a gym.

For the rest of us who make that extra effort to travel to the gym, sometimes that extra effort is a little discouraging. Why would you want to lug yourself to the gym when you can relax on the couch?

A great way to get yourself to the gym is to keep a gym bag packed and ready to go by the door.

U Chic Approved: MapiCases

It seems to be important to young women everywhere to have their technology styled to perfection. We all want our phones and tablets to look their best, but we also need the cases and covers to be useful.