The Guide to Taking a Summer Class

Each summer, collegians are stuck with the debate of what to do during their break.

The options are endless -- from going on vacation to getting a job to taking a summer class -- and it's a tough choice to make! Taking summer classes is a popular option, but be warned ... it's much different than taking classes during the fall or spring semesters. I talked to students to get their feedback on summer classes, and here's what they said.

Fun In The Sun: 5 Outfits You Need Now!

Summer’s finally here! It’s time to sit back, relax and have a blast with your best friends while enjoying the warm weather.

Here are some outfit ideas from Forever 21 that will allow you to have fun in the sun without breaking the bank. Forever 21 is so affordable for the college budget, making it easy and simple to get great outfits for a small budget.

We’ve put together five outfits that you need for the summer months.

U Chic Founder Christie Garton Featured on ‘Live From The Couch’

U Chic Founder Christie Garton was featured on CBS New York's “Live From the Couch” on Friday to talk social media makeovers.

Christie joined John Elliott, Lisa Kerney and Carolina Bermudez for the segment, which focused on advice to help college students and recent grads with finding jobs and internships.

Diploma Diaries: Using Social Media to Find a Job

For so long, social media has played a large role on the college campus. It’s the way to keep tabs on old friends, to make that important shift from “it’s complicated” to “official” and to properly document four years of studious work in 140 characters or less. But as students shift their focus from grassy quad to cubicles, so has the use for social media.

6 Ways to Have a Successful Internship in College

I will probably be going to see the new Vince Vaugh/Owen Wilson film "The Internship." This interest is not solely based on my eternal love of "Wedding Crashers" or the movie's solid marketing efforts ... it's because I am the intern.

A college student, not an adult, but I've seen it all. I see the reality in the existence of adult internships as applicants have become older and older in past years. And honestly, an internship is the FASTEST way to learn. I love my school and greatly appreciate my program, which I think greatly prepared me ... for my internships.

The Top Writing Mistakes to Avoid

As the summer creeps closer and closer, grammar is probably the last thing on Earth you're thinking about.

Unfortunately, whether you're writing a five-page essay to get an A or a cover letter that lands you the job of your dreams, grammar matters.

Luckily, our friends at Grammarly have hooked you up with a list of the most common writing mistakes for students. Once you're done reading this list, grab your laptop and get writing!

The Media Maven: What 20-Somethings Can Learn from Kate Middleton

Now, we all can’t be the Duchess of Cambridge, but we can still act and be treated like a princess like Kate Middleton.

Ever since her engagement to Prince William was announced a few years back, Middleton has been in the spotlight ever since. The media admires her sense of fashion, her generosity, philanthropic eye and her true ability to be a classy lady.

Chic (But Cheap) Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s May, which means that school is coming to an end, graduation is around the corner and that special day to celebrate your mother is this weekend.

Even though you should honor your mother every day, Mother's Day is on May 12, so if you haven’t bought a gift yet, you are in major crunch time.

In times of need like this one, there are trusty DIY presents that your mom will surely love. The best thing about a DIY gift is that even though it isn’t bought in a store, it shows that you put extra thought into it and that it came from the heart.

Should I End My College Relationship Before the Summer?

Are you having doubts about your relationship? Are you feeling left out of the loop because your friends are gossiping about having a summer fling?

No relationship is perfect -- there will always be ups and downs -- but if you’re having doubts about whether you should stick with the person you’re dating, then obviously something is missing in the relationship.

Diploma Diaries: Riding the Rails

When taking on a career in a big city, you learn quickly it’s all about compromises when it comes to achieving your goals.

No greater compromise exists in the world than life of a commuter. The ups and downs of becoming a commuter are plentiful, but knowing what lays ahead of you on the road map to commuter life is crucial and important when making that decision to go full-time transporter.