5 Tech Items You Need for College

With the school year creeping up on us, many incoming freshmen are running around trying to get everything they need together. When it comes to technology, the truth is that it may be a little overwhelming for college students at first.

Here is an easy guide to the 5 must-have technology items for college students.

U Chic Get Hired List (Aug. 10)

Are you dreading to start your job or internship search? Luckily, you've got University Chic to help you out! We're out searching for awesome opportunities to help you kick-start your application process and your career. Hopefully, you'll see a job post you like in our U Chic's Get Hired List feature.

College Fashion Essentials

So it’s almost time for school, which means it’s time to start packing up your clothes and deciding which ones to keep at home and which ones to take with you to school.

I have a couple of items that are a must when it comes to packing for school. I personally bring some summer clothes with me in the fall because it’s still hot where I am and then I bring some sweaters, but I wouldn’t recommend bringing all of your winter clothes just yet!

Best Ways to Make Friends on Campus

By Amanda Cross, Student at University of Central Arkansas For the most part, unless you are going to a college close to home, one thing you are worried about is making new friends. College is extremely different from high school, but making friends in college isn’t as hard as you might think. Here are some

Commuter Schools are Great Colleges, Too!

College only counts if you sleep in a dorm ... wrong!

Are you having a hard time choosing a college to go to? Do you feel pressured to go away to school even though you know you aren’t ready? Well luckily you still have another option! Commute!

There are many colleges all over the country that are made up of commuters rather than dormers and I’ll let you in on a secret – the collegiate experience is just as much fun!

Mid-Summer’s Night Menu

One of my favorite summer memories is waking up early on Saturday mornings to get to the farmers market with my mom. We each had our own baskets, which we filled with melons, peaches, herbs, flowers, corn and other fresh produce. And as a reward for waking up early, I would always get a fried apple pie from the Amish vendors for breakfast.

Here are some of my favorite summer farmers market recipes. So, fill your baskets and invite some family and friends over for an easy and delicious farmers market-to-table meal!

U Chic Get Hired List: Top 7 Places to Intern in Media

I call him the “master of the interns," but you can simply call him Jeff Boodie. The L.A. account manager of new intern recruiting company Intern Sushi has made his way from interning with top media companies to working at “O” Magazine and DreamWorks Productions. Boodie not only understands the trials that we as young adults go through in search of our “professional purpose" -- he’s lived it.

For many of us, media has become an industry that we strive to work in. But before we can even dream about working in this industry, we have to face the reality of fighting for an internship.

Many of us have no clue where to begin or where we should even intern. Fortunately, I got the opportunity to sit and chat with Boodie, the master himself, about the best media places you should be looking to get your foot in the door and why. Let’s call them the lucky number seven.

U Chic Approved: Skin Care Products

The Fourth of July may have passed in a flash, but that doesn't mean that summer is over yet. There is still plenty of time to romp around in the sun but don't forget to protect your skin while you do! Skin care is essential this time of year because we are constantly out and about, exposing our skin to the bright summer rays. Here are a few of the items Blogger Kelly Leslie never leaves her house without, including products from Bare Escentuals, Burt's Bees and Origins.

Chatting Decor with Dormify Style Advisors

With school starting up soon, U Chic wanted to get the scoop on ideas you can use for your dorm room or apartment in the fall. We got lots of great ideas from the Dormify Style Advisors!

Talking Decor With a Dormify Style Advisor

In advance of our Twitter chat, we talked with Dormify Style Advisor Amanda Zuckerman to get the scoop on what the company is like. We also picked out our favorite Dormify products!