Fashion: Are Mac Users More Stylish Than Their PC Counterparts? recently conducted a study on this very question by analyzing the spending habits of thousands of consumers. You'll be surprised by the results!

Career Talk: Steps On Building Your Personal Brand Online

You’re fooling yourself if you think potential employers aren’t going to run your name through a search engine. But if you work to build an online reputation as a young professional, the top search results will all be sites that you’re proud to showcase.

Take Your Job Search to the Next Level With Social Media

Guest blogger Brittany Berger is a senior mass communications student at the University of Delaware and public relations specialist at She serves as publicity chair for a campus honor society, is technical chair for the campus dance marathon and is in a sorority. She loves tweeting and blogging at You use social media

University Chic’s Get Hired List (March 6)

Are you dreading to start your job or internship search? Luckily, you've got University Chic to help you out!

Top 10 Must-Have Fashion Items

These must-haves have proven to be both popular and fashionable at the moment and to be useful for months (and possibly years) to come.

Health: Reaping the Benefits Out of Starting Your Own Garden

Live in a dorm room or apartment? Don’t let that hold you back, as you still have several options. You can see if your town has garden plots to rent out, grow a garden on your front porch or even inside your apartment. Let’s find out how.

Campus Life: Top 10 Spring Break Locations

Are you panicking because you haven't found the perfect Spring Break spot for you and your crew? Blogger Ashley Tripp has her recommendations on the best cities to look into when planning your trip!

Friday Favorite: Jean Jacket

Need something to spice up your weekend wardrobe? Are you looking to stand out and make an impression? Each Friday, University Chic's Maddie Greene will give you the insight to this week's must-have weekend item.

UChic Twitter Chat Transcript with Kristina & Kari from Microsoft

Want to learn more about the world of PR? University Chic asked Kristina Libby and Kari Dilloo from Microsoft to give us some advice on what to expect post-college.

Finding a Job: The Firsthand Account

The job search. It’s grueling, time consuming and at times can be like a full-time job.