Bohemian Chic + New Trends = Fabulous Summer Style

Is Bohemian Chic a dying trend? I’d like to think not. Trends never really die. Leggings were resurrected from their 80s grave to take hold of the fashion scene once again in the past year. In fact, the 80s are making a comeback with a vengeance. The latest craze of blindingly bright colors, chunky accessories, and patent leather is in full swing as the sun begins to rise on summer.

 Some girls have quickly warmed to the neon tones but others are not so quick. Bohemian chic has been in for so long it’s hard to let go of the earthy tones and breezy skirts. Those peasant tops are dear to the hearts of many. Bohemian chic clothes can still be found at various clothing stores, and many online specialty shops. But what about the new trends?

I have yet to trade my bohemian accessories for the newer bright accessories, but as I was contemplating this article and raiding my closet for an appropriate outfit I was struck with a marvelous idea. Why swap all my bohemian clothes and such for the bright stuff? I recently purchased a pair of the infamous peep toe red patent pumps only to realize I owned absolutely nothing else that would go with them. It was time to incorporate some new trends with some old. The result was a fabulous casual or dressy ensemble.

I began with a breezy shirt I purchased from Journeys at the beginning of fall and paired it with a khaki skirt from JCPenny. The neutral tones in the shirt went nicely with the khaki skirt in an earthy bohemian chic way. To incorporate today’s fashion trends into my look, I added red patent pumps from Target, bright turquoise shell earrings from Target, and a beaded necklace my mom purchased for me in the Bahamas.
When all was said and done I had successfully incorporated my favorite bohemian chic look with updated bright accessories for a funky hippie look. The best part, I didn’t have to purchase a thing! I already owned everything and it just took a little time to put the pieces together.
Bohemian Chic doesn’t have to fade away as the brighter colors step forward, it just needs a bit of revamping and updating.

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