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Some Like It Haute by Julie K. L. Dam

*I saw this book mentioned in an issue of Bazaar* and _(craving more fashion literature the likes of The Devil Wears Prada)_ ran/drove to Borders only to learn that it won’t be released until February. A little web research later, I learned the book is about a fashion editor, Alex, who is thrown into the crazy world of the Paris designer shows, _the title of the book obviously referring to “haute couture” fashion._ *Believe, you, me, this book is gonna be haute!* How do I know? Well, it’s definitely going to be a must-read if it is _anything_ like the “Some Like It Haute blog”, a hilarious photo diary of Alex’s obsession with expensive designer footwear and shopping… _(I thought I had problems with handbags but this gal puts me to shame)_. I still haven’t figured out if this blog is real or fictional….but either way, I’m completely hooked on it and completely counting down the days until I get to read this book.

“*Check Out the Blog*”

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