California College Offers “Twilight” Class

Twilight fans, you're in for a treat: This fall at California State University, San Marcos, students can take "Twilight – The Texts and the Fandom" as a class!

Even though the title of the class might have some hardcore Twihards foaming at the mouth, don't be fooled. This special seminar doesn't involve any great debates between Team Edward and Team Jacob fanatics. In fact,  Dr. Natalie Wilson (the creator of the class) admits that the material covered will have an academic slant and will place heavy emphasis on women's studies.

Ok, so it sounds a little dry, but really, who wouldn't want to talk about Twilight for a whole semester? Exploring the characters, setting, and themes are things you might already know — you just have to think of them in a feminist/sociological way (as in what's up with Bella thinking Wuthering Heights is all romantic and stuff? Uh, abusive much?!?)


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