Campus Profile: Indiana University

Read the first University Campus Profile: a new UChic series. Hoosier, *Liz Stringer fills us in on her school*: Indiana University.

_Indiana University started as a small seminary with ten male students is 1824. The school was officially named Indiana University in 1838 and was *the first state university to admit women*. Today, IU is home to just under 38,000 students, both undergraduate and graduate. The population is 52% female and nearly 80% of those enrolled are from the Midwest…_

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Campus Trends: What’s In a Name?

Oversized nameplates are endearing and unexpected. Pair a gold nameplate necklace with a crisp white oxford and jeans for a casual look. To avoid veering too close to the tacky end of the spectrum, avoid wearing it with track jackets, sneakers, or anything involving a racing stripe.”

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