Campus Trends: Business Majors Make (A lot) More Money

The Washington Post recently reported something that I have recognized since I entered into college: accounting majors (and most business majors for that matter) make a lot of money. The most competitive journalism internships tend to be unpaid and the most competitive business internships tend to be highly paid.

I do not know how this trend began, but it has become more difficult to ignore. I intend on earning my MBA shortly after graduation so I can compete for higher paying jobs. According to NACE, (National Association of Colleges and Employers) Job Outlook for 2007, the most in demand undergraduate degrees are accounting, business, management, computer science, a variety of engineering degrees, information sciences, and economics/finance.

Other majors don’t fret: more companies expect to hire graduates this year, so at least there are more opportunities available. Until the salary gap decreases, more liberal arts majors will continue going straight to graduate school.

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