Campus Trends- Changing My Career…as a Senior?

Since 6th grade I have pursued my dream to be a journalist. I took advantage of any academic opportunity or extracurricular activity that I found. I never had a bad experience at an internship.

But, this semester, while attending my media law and ethics class, I realized that I want to go to law school. My ten years toward becoming a journalist suddenly seemed dull. The hours at school newspapers, the time spent laboring at unpaid jobs, and the university awards I received drifted away from me.

Of course, I will not completely abandon journalism. I still enjoy it and will pursue it as a career when I graduate. This is probably just a “senior moment” and typical of college graduates. But, in the back of my mind, I will have a new dream. Next semester I will take a couple pre-law courses to see if my interest is not a mere hobby. Has anyone else felt this way as they enter their senior year?

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