Campus Trends: The Do-It-Yourself Photographer

Digital cameras are changing the way people take photos. Taking photos used to be simple-put your eye up to the view finder, hold down the button and click. Now, the process is more intense.The typical digital camera has multiple options, including gray-scale, sepia tone, automatic or manual flash…you get the picture

After finally deciding on the options and taking the photo, the real fun begins. Every person needs to take a look at the photo to determine if another take is required. Of course, no one is ever completely satisfied.

Once the evening is over, you will be inundated with requests to “tag me on Facebook!” I have never put up photo albums but the number of photos tagged of me is overwhelming. I am careful with my tagging; I maintain a maximum of 100 photos tagged.

The most interesting new trend in photo-taking is the style in which the picture-taker attempts to turn her camera toward herself and other subjects, while also squeezing into the frame of the photo. My friend, Kaitlin, is a pro at this (she is on the left in this photo). This may have been done before the age of digital cameras, but it seems to have increased since I got to college. I don’t really understand the trend because it would be easy to ask someone else to take the photo and avoid awkward neck positioning, but it has become a staple on the Facebook photo circuit.

My question is, what’s next? Should I expect a string of upside down, crooked photos? Digital cameras allow unlimited possibilities of creativity. I am excited to see the possibilities!

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