Campus Trends: Easing Back-to-School Worries

Returning to your college campus can be exciting, but it also takes a lot of readjusting. People transfer schools, break up with boyfriends, make up with boyfriends and come back from a semester abroad. Leaving home is more than just having to readjust your eating schedule to meal-plan hours. Here are some tips for a smooth return to campus.

1) Buy essentials before returning to school. Leave the Walmart merchandise to the freshmen. Bring as many toiletries and food items as possible so that you can avoid long lines at the start of school.

2) Move in as soon as possible. You will get to unpack your belongings without the pressure to drop everything and see friends first. The earlier you get there, the more people you will get to see before classes start, too. This way, you can plan your outings accordingly without feeling stressed before classes even begin.

3) Pre-order your textbooks. Avoid long lines and confusing shelves by pre-ordering textbooks online. Pick them up at the store to save on shipping costs, too. Most bookstores have a two-week return policy with receipt and wrapping intact.

These are just a few suggestions. What other tips would you give your returning classmates?

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