Campus Trends: Feeling Young and Old

This semester I am volunteering for two very different programs. On Mondays I attend a senior center and on Wednesdays I participate in a mentoring program called Girls in Motion. As college women, we are in a great time in our lives. Our bodies are still young and agile but we are mature enough to enter into meaningful relationships. We can also relate to both sectors of the community.

When I attend the senior center, I am afraid to get older. As an active person, it scares me to know I could be confined to a wheel chair one day, swatting at balloons with a shortened noodle for fun. When I have my meetings with my mentee, I want to be younger. My young woman is so innocent and happy with herself. This 10-year-old is already excited to go to college to become a veterinarian. I wish I always had the some excitement and inquisitive nature that she has.

By the way, the graphic is of both a young and old woman. Which one did you notice first?

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