Campus Trends: The Good GREEK Life?

I reluctantly watched GREEK, the new ABC Family show about sororities and fraternities, the past two weeks. From its trailers featured this summer, I could tell I would be in a tizzy over the awful stereotypes that this show portrays. My ears bled each time I heard the words rush, girl, and pledge uttered. For all the non-Greeks out there, these terms have been replaced with recruitment, woman, and new/associate member to encourage more respect for the Greek community.

As much as this show deliberately bashes Greek Life, I actually enjoyed it. It is so outrageous that I hope that no one would seriously think this is an accurate portrayal of Greeks. Looking beyond the outlandish hazing and drama, a story of friends and family does poke through.

One similarity I found is that college relationships are not as simple as high school relationships. For example, the lead character doesn’t want to break up with her boyfriend because he is in the “coolest” fraternity on campus and she wants to become the next president of her sorority. When he cheats on her, she doesn’t break up with him because it may damage her reputation. While this is extreme, breaking up with a boyfriend who is in a fraternity that often mingles with your sorority is difficult. You become close with his brothers, and he becomes close with your sisters. There are so many events, friends, and memories shared, the breakup is more difficult than it seems. It really does change your social surroundings.

Download the pilot episode on iTunes for free. It won’t change your life, but it will give you a good laugh.

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