Campus Trends: Is Greek Life Thriving or Dying?

As reported in the Lawrence Journal-World of Lawrence, Kansas, Greek membership is down at Kansas University. This is the first year that there are less than 3,000 affiliated men and women on campus. One person blamed it on stricter rules with parties and new member periods; two fraternities were recently kicked off campus.

At University of Georgia, sorority recruitment increased 10 percent from last year. At Elon, numbers have also steadily increased. We have about 100 women in each of the 8 sororities on our campus (total population 5,000 students) and may need to add another sorority as interest continues to grow.

Some say that recruitment isn’t the problem—retention is. Members lose interest as they get more work academically and don’t have as much time for the sorority or fraternity. I have seen this within my Greek community, as members tire of the “girl drama” and meetings. I blame it on the large chapters; women aren’t personally responsible for much of the sorority business and lose interest.

Have you seen an increase or decrease in Greek life at your school? Do you have trouble keeping upperclassmen happy and helpful? What tips would you give other schools? For all the women participating in fall recruitment now, GOOD LUCK!

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