Campus Trends: Podcasts Leap Out of the Speakers and Into My Heart

Podcasts are my new favorite form of communication. I may be a little bit behind in this trend, but my collection is growing. I subscribe to Grammar Girl and I just downloaded a free version of Pride and Prejudice. My friend Matt, a manager at his college radio station, said that his station has weekly podcasts about upcoming shows and events. iTunes has many free podcasts, but you have to dig through what you want. This form of technology will give “dying” radio new life.

Listening to podcasts remind me of when people used to gather around the radio set and listen to the latest episode of Amos and Andy or Avenger. I enjoy cleaning my room while listening to a chapter of one of my favorite books. Also, news production is changing because of podcasts. ABC News has an extensive library of podcasts for their shows. These clips even have video, though I enjoy just listening to podcasts just as much. Even though my latest ABC News video took me three minutes to load, the wait was worth it.

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