Campus Trends: Work On or Off Campus?

While you may plan on saving all our cash from your summer job for the school year, chances are that by December your bank account will be largely diminished. Plan on finding a part-time job now so that you won’t be left penniless come winter.

I have worked both on-campus and off-campus. On-campus you can walk from your dorm or class but off-campus you will need a car and gas money. On-campus jobs are fun because you bond with other students.

On the other hand, off-campus jobs get you involved with the larger community outside your school, usually pay more, and offer more hours during school vacations. Either way, look for jobs that will enhance your career and that you will enjoy, but will not negatively affect your class work.

Hot on-campus jobs: admissions, academic departments, recreation department, campus bookstore, student media, and dining services.

Hot off-campus jobs: restaurants, retailers, doctors’ offices, local media

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