Meet Your Campus Queen Candidate: Bethany/Alpha Omicron Pi – University of Georgia

Ok guys, it's Week 2 of our Homecoming College Queen Contest, and we're ready to profile two new sorority sisters in the hopes one of them will score enough votes to win $1,500 for their national charity (um, did we mention you can also win a $100 gift certificate just by voting?).

Meet Bethany. An Alpha Omicron Pi at the University of Georgia, Bethany knows a lot about school spirit – after all, HER college IS the oldest public university in the country, so they've had a looong time to perfect it! From cheering on the Bulldogs and the ringing of the chapel bell, to the long-standing tradition of crossing under the UGA arch on graduation day, students lik Bethany believe in honoring their school's commitment to history and education.

As an active sorority member, she and her sisters work tirelessly every year to support the Arthritis Foundation in raising funds. A debilitating disease that cripples millions of people each year, AF strives to help individuals around the world afflicted with arthritis by providing information, advocacy, and support. One of the oldest non-profits in the country, AF has managed to raise over 380 million dollars in research grants since 1948.

University of Georgia fan? Alpha Omicron Pi member or alum? Arthritis sufferer or supporter?  Make youe vote count!


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