Can You Keep a Secret?

Crushing on someone? Think twice about telling your friends.

I have had recent, firsthand experience in this. Remember in junior high when you used to pass notes to the guy you liked? The ones with those ‘check yes or no’ boxes?

Yeah. Those still sort of exist, minus the note and the checking part.

It seems that people love to play matchmaker these days. The second someone finds out you have a “crush”, they go into super cupid mode trying to hook the two of you up.

Is this as despised as I think it is?

My friend, who is still extracting herself from a long relationship recently developed a crush on one of our mutual guy friends. Well she told me she liked him, and then I found out from the guy’s roommate that he may also like her.

“May” was the operative word, because two days later everyone was in this weird limbo. My friend didn’t know if the guy really liked her or not and everyone was sending her mixed signals (because, of course, everyone found out about it).

Ok so maybe the mistake was on my part, when I decided I couldn’t keep the secret for more than 20 minutes.

Should I have kept my mouth shut? Is it better to play matchmaker or to just stay quiet until two people eventually figure everything out for themselves?

Is trying to set people up doing more harm than good?

If I hadn’t said anything, my friend would still be in a lovely, ignorant bliss. But now that I did, she is anxious and nervous and doesn’t know what to do.

Why was this whole “do you like me?” thing so much easier in junior high?

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