Car Apps? Ford’s Sync Interface is Following in Apple’s Footsteps

Need your car to drive you home? Well, pretty soon there may just be an app for that. That’s right, apps have made it to your car. Not only can you surf the Web at the tap of a finger, now your car–or at least those with Ford Sync–can update your Twitter, check your email and read your texts. The new upgrade is supposed to be unveiled in January, but it will most likely come with a price.

Here’s what Kicking Tires,’s blog, has to say about it:

“The system will be able to stream music from Internet radio sites such as Pandora, read incoming Twitter messages aloud and alert drivers to location-specific applications that have information about nearby businesses and attractions. The text-to-speech system will keep drivers’ eyes on the road, and they will be able to manage the entire system simply through voice commands.”

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