In Case of Emergency: Foolproof Outfits That Save the Day

Sometimes fashion emergencies happen. You forgot to set your alarm and wake up with 10 minutes to get dressed before class. Do you have an alternative to sweats or pajamas? The interview that you had on Thursday morning got moved up to Monday afternoon. Can you quickly put together a look that’s appropriate in a timely fashion? Your best friend calls and wants to go out for drinks after a long week of classes and extra-curricular activities. Got a go-to outfit?

All of these situations are realistic, and it helps to have outfits in your arsenal that are ready-made and easily transition from season-to-season. Below are basic outfits for the classroom, a professional setting and an evening event.

Casual for the classroom

 Let’s face it: sometimes it’s easy to oversleep after you’ve spent the entire night cramming. A simple jeans, t-shirt and structured blazer combo will make sure your stylish and on-time to your early morning class. A classic straight-leg jean flatters most body types, and the jacket dresses up the basic t-shirt. Slip into a pair of pointed-toe pump; add a necklace and oversized clutch to finish the look.

Well-dressed for the workplace

 Sometimes it’s imperative to dress professionally; it’s displays maturity and helps you gain respect. But it’s not always easy pairing the appropriate basics together to make a fashionable outfit. A pair of wide-leg trousers or a fitted pencil skirt serves as a perfect foundation for your last-minute ready-for-work look. Add a v-neck sweater over a crisp white button-down shirt or a silk blouse in a vibrant jewel tone, and bring everything together with pointed-toe pumps and a large tote.



Elegant for an evening out

 The classic little black dress is an amazing investment for all body types. There are so many versions of the LBD, so finding a distinct one shouldn’t be that hard. Pumps in a bright color (lipstick red, cobalt blue, hot pink), add a pop of color to the basic black dress. A gold clutch and bangle adds a finishing touch.

Do you have “in case of emergency” outfits. I’d love to read them. Visit and tell me all about them!

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