Real World Reality Check: 3 Things I Wish I’d Known in College

As an undergrad at Manhattan College, I quickly became consumed with classes, internships, cheerleading practices and games, all while making the most out of my social life. I graduated in May 2012 and am currently a Special Events Manager. The transition from college student with a flexible, yet packed, schedule to working full-time was a

Second Semester Slump: How to Stay Focused & Happy!

As the second semester is in full swing, it’s easy to feel down. The weather is usually cold (unless you live in the south—lucky gals!), the homework starts to pile up, and for some of us, it may mean graduation’s approaching (um, YIKES!). The amount of stress that students endure sometimes can be overwhelming and

Tackling Transitions: Applied to College, Now What?

Congrats! You are now living the definition of “signed, sealed, delivered,” as you await reply from prospective universities. What’s next? It may be easy to get into a “Now… we wait,” mentality, but there is much to be done; get to it! Finish Your FAFSA. If you haven’t filled out your FAFSA yet, now is

Practicing Random Acts of Kindness

Now is the time to slow down and reflect on the past year; to look at what we’ve accomplished in 2013 and chart where we are headed in the new year. It is also a chance to spend some quality time with family and friends. Sometimes, however, without a strong support group, the holidays can be the

UChic’s Christie Garton Announces ‘LYD’ Content Series

Dear Readers, I am absolutely thrilled to announce today the launch of’s brand-new Live Your Dreams (a.k.a., LYD) content series and our #Aspire2Inspire quote campaign. UChic‘s mission is to guide high school and college-women in creating their best lives and our team continuously strives to curate the best original and guest content for our readers and followers each and every

Space Saver: Tips on Organizing Where You Work

By: Beatrice Rivera, Rutgers University Wherever you work, it’s important to keep your space organized and inspired! Evaluate What You Really Need Highlight only what inspires you, like your favorite book or the latest issue of your favorite magazine; pin notes of encouragement from friends and family and other inspirations on a board on the

Tips for Tackling Mid-Term Stress

By: Beatrice Rivera, Rutgers University Midterms are here. We’re sure you’re buckling down and feeling overwhelmed with papers, projects and exams—but take a breath and break— here are the best ways to survives this stressful season:      Avoid Self-Sabotage Insecurity makes focusing on your studies much more difficult. Stay motivated; remember the reason why you

David Levitz:’s ‘The Rented Life’ Challenge

  Interview By: Emma Martin, Ithaca College One of the most exciting prospects of entering college is a new-found sense of freedom, but that independence also comes with a price. Literally. Sure. I love online shopping. In fact, I love in store shopping, too. Okay, I just love shopping. But sometimes—I can’t. I have school loans,

Senior Year Checklist: Planning for College

By Amanda Cross, University of Central Arkansas You’re almost half-way through your senior year; now what?! There’s a lot to do, we know, but you, too, can be a college pro before you even step foot on campus: 1. Apply: Obviously the most important thing with planning for college is applying to college. It’s important that

Find the Best College for You

  By: Amanda Cross, University of Central Arkansas Choosing a college can and will define the next four years of your life; and I’m here to help you along with your collegiate selection journey. Chicsters everywhere rejoice, here’s how to find the best college for you! 1. Figure out what you want out of college: