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Working Your First Semester at College, a Do or a Don’t? You Decide


On-campus jobs are always in demand. It seems that no matter how big the college town, it just can’t seem to handle the huge amount of students who are looking for a little bit of extra cash—go figure. But starting a job as soon as you step foot on campus may end up being a bigger stressor and distraction than it should be. Keep reading for the pros and cons of working first-semester.

Trend Report: High-Waisted Skirts

There are so many fabrics with these skirts: chiffon, silk, cotton, etc. No matter when and where, a high-waisted skirt can always be an option!

SocioClean – A New Tool for Reviewing Your Online Identities

SocioClean helps students (and parents) clean up their social networking identities and monitors them in order to prevent uncomfortable situations.

Best of College Blogger Advice: How to Stay Sane When Your Parents Visit

Already stressing about your parents' upcoming visit? Here's some fun suggestions that will keep everyone happy.

Tyler Clementi’s Parents Announce Lawsuit Against Rutgers Following Suicide

Rutgers University finds themselves in the hot seat once again as a highly-publicized suicide leads to further legal woes.

Ivy Schools Reconsidering ROTC on Campus Following Repeal of DADT

An Ivy League degree and a military career may now be possible, thanks in part to a ground-breaking repeal in Washington D.C. last week.

Y’all Are Crazy (No, Seriously)

More and more kids are making use of their college counseling centers these days, but is that a good thing or just a sign of the times?

Thousands of British Students Turn Out to Protest College Tuition Hike

Angry students are taking to the streets of London to protest the rising cost of college.

5 Tips For Snagging a Spot in the Ivy League

Are you applying to an Ivy League school in the next few weeks? Our Harvard blogger is back with some helpful tips on what you need to do to increase your chances of getting an acceptance letter.

College Applications Made Easy – Meet

Are you totally buggin' over the pile of college apps gathering dust on your desk? Check out THE website that guarantees to simplify the process!