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College Fashionista Week 2 Stats: Auburn Takes the Lead!

With two weeks to go, the Tigers continue to dominate while our Mizzou mama makes some major power moves of her own.

Trend Report: Grad Outfits that Rock

The end of senior year brings many anxieties, but one task that shouldn’t cause any stress is finding an outfit to wear to graduation. Considering your parents will take about a thousand pictures of you on Graduation Day, here are some ideas for nailing the perfect look— mortarboard not included.

Cinco de Cocktail!

It's time to raise a glass and celebrate Mexican Independance Day with our friends from YAY!DIY!

Trend Report: Cinco de Mayo Style

Happy Cinco de Mayo, ladies— it’s that time of year when Mexicans, Mexican Americans, and those who love them celebrate all aspects of Mexican culture, from traditional music to dances, food…and fashion, of course. Hot Menswear Must-Haves

Want to add an edge to your wardrobe? Take it up a notch with these cool suggestions from our latest blog post.

Meet Our College Fashionistas! (Kaitlin Duffy, University of Auburn)

She's all about preppy chic, likes to sing her favorite songs at the top of her lungs, and has her heart set on a career in PR. (Hmm...sounds like we don't need to issue a press release on this college fashionista candidate!) Kailtin Duffy is a lot like her school's colors; loud, proud, and ready to make a statement. This University of Auburn senior is just one of our five college fashionista conestants who is vying for your vote. Are a big SEC fan? Show your support and make Kaitlin your #1 college fashionista now!

Join the Axe Undie Run!

Get ready to take it all off for a good cause!

Trend Report: The Ultimate Bronzers

Save  your skin and skip the wrinkles - this season's crop of beauty bronzers makes looking tan a snap!

Congratulations to College Fashionista Week 1 Winners!

Check out and see if you're a winner!